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Phina's Special Cuisine is a one-stop store where people can access healthy delicious African and American dishes. Specifically, Phina's Special Cuisine will seek to meet the needs of people from diverse cultures.


About The Chef

I am currently in my final year in college pursuing a major in culinary studies. My decision to pursue this major was because of the recognition of unique abilities to make different traditional dishes. Growing up in West Africa, Ghana in a family comprising many boys pushed me to develop remarkable cooking abilities from a tender age. I got to high school and pursue catering, it was at this time I discovered not only my passion for being in the kitchen, but also the love that was carefully placed in making each meal. I graduated high school and gain Diploma in catering. Therefore, when I came to the United States and joined college, I eventually decided to continue with my passion.

Personal Interests

I have always been interested in cooking since I was 9 years old. As a result, I pursued catering to nurture this interest and enhance my competencies in making different dishes. My current interest is to meet the needs of different people by operating a business that will offer healthy meals for people with both the African and American tastes. I have a significant interest in promoting healthy eating, an element that can improve people’s lives.

Passion and Values

My passion for cooking surpasses other interests and has been the defining factor in my choice of future career. For this reason, launching and running Phina's Special Cuisine will be the culmination of my passion. I am committed to making my dreams a reality while impacting the lives of others positively. I conceive that Phina's Special Cuisine will register such a positive impact through the provision of healthy African and American cuisines.

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